The Objective of the Fellowship training program in Adolescent Medicine is to produce specialists trained in this field to acquire the knowledge and special skills needed in the comprehensive management of Adolescents in a wide variety of medical and psychosocial problems in the Hospital and community setting.

A formal training program is needed to ensure proper care is provided by competent personnel.

  1. Entry Criteria
  2. i)                 A recognized post graduate degree in Paediatrics. Ministry of Health candidates need to be gazzetted as a paediatrician before application can be approved. Recognized post graduate qualification of M.Med (Paeds), MRCP, MRCPCH, MRCPI, FRACP or any other equivalent paediatric postgraduate degree recognized in Malaysia.
  3. ii)          Interest in Adolescent Medicine as shown by involvement in CME, research activities, presentation, publications as well as involvement in outreach programes for Adolescents.

iii)                 Submission of application form for training

Approval of the sub speciality training committee

In the event that there are more applicants than training posts, additional criteria for selection will be:

  1.           i)               Research output, publications and presentations at scientific meetings.
    ii)            Seniority in service
    iii)             Having served in districts.

Participation in professional bodies related to the subspeciality.

  1. Duration of Training programme

Duration of training is 3 years, with at least 6 months to one year of training overseas in a   recognized Adolescent Medicine Centre. It is recommended that the first 2 years are done locally under the supervision of a gazzetted Adolescent Specialist (currently only 1 available as of 2008).The local training also includes a minimum of 6 months training in the Child & Adolescent  Psychiatric Unit  under a gazzetted child & Adolescent psychiatrist.

For more information, please download the Criteria for Sub-speciality Training in Adolescent Medicine for more detail..

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