Paediatric Intensive Care is multidisciplinary in nature crossing departmental and speciality lines inasmuch as the problems encountered in the critically ill patient encompasses different aspects of different specialities.

The paediatric intensivist is a specialist whose knowledge is of necessity broad involving all aspects of management of the critically ill child and whose base of operation is the ICU.

Over the years a number of important new modalities and therapies have been developed and a greater number is expected to emerge in the future creating new hopes for the patients and challenges the intensivists

The benefits of having intensivists run the ICUs providing coverage 24hrs a day i.e a closed system where the intensivists direct patient care with input from the relevant speciality is proven beyond doubt in many studies.


The objective of training is to produce paediatric intensivists who are specially qualified in the care of the critically ill child in totality managing a wide range of disorders such as cardiopulmonary disorders, brain injury, polytrauma, sepsis, multiorgan system failure, postoperative patients and organ transplantation.

  1. Entry criteria

The candidate who wishes to pursue training in Paediatric Intensive Care in the Ministry of Health must have the following requirements:

            a basic medical degree which is recognised by the Malaysian Medical council,


a recognised postgraduate qualification in Paediatric Medicine which is registrable under the General Paediatrics Specialist register or

a recognised postgraduate qualification in Anaesthesiology which is registrable under the Anaesthesiology Specialist register


At least 4 years experience in Paediatric medical practice

  1. Duration of  training programme ( total of 3 years)

First year of training
6 months anaesthesiology ( for paediatricians ) or 6 months general paediatrics ( for anaesthesiologists)
3 months paediatric cardiac intensive care
3 months in neonatal intensive care

Second year of training
I year in a gazetted local paediatric intensive care unit

Third year of training
1 year full time in an accredited paediatric intensive care unit overseas

  1. Training contents and modalities

Necessary core skills and knowledge

Specialty trainees in Paediatric Intensive Care , whether coming from a background in paediatrics, or anaesthesia will be expected by the end of their specialty training to be able to satisfy  the Committee that they have gained training, experience and knowledge in a number of areas of clinical practice relevant to the care of critically ill children .  These are detailed below. Much of the core training can most readily be acquired prior to entering a Paediatric Intensive Care programmes in posts ( preferably at Medical Officer level ) which include exposure to the relevant clinical disciplines eg Anaesthesiology, Neonatology:

For more information, please download Criteria for Paed. Intensive Care for more detail..


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