My Promise to Children website has been updated with a new look … check it out at www.mypromisetochildren.org/

Some of the sections on the Website:

  • Home: The Promise, the Children’s Video, Take the Pledge, Wear a digital badge (Keep it Right)
  • About: The Campaign, its objectives and the faces behind the some of the partner organisations
  • Child Rights: The CRC simplified; and a breakdown of the articles – CRC in Malay, Mandarin and Tamil (downloadable)
  • Learn: Resources such as videos, booklets, tips and guides on the CRC and related issues
  • Events: Past, current and future relating to children (rights, wellbeing etc)
  • Talk to Us: At the moment, we’re collecting enquiries; in January we will start the expert voices (NECIC, PPBM, Bar Council Malaysia, DiGi)

Here’s how you can help the campaign:

  1. Promote the website to your networks, and friends; and encourage them to make the promise (take the pledge).
  2. Encourage children you know to take the online survey in the About Section. (you can take it too if you like)
  3. Inform us of any event that is coming up that relates to children/youth. We will highlight it on the website with details.
  4. Like the Campaign Facebook page and share the content with your social media network: https://www.facebook.com/MyPromiseToChildren

The Campaign Facebook page is for all Partners. Please inform us if there is anything you would like to post on the page

  • Current news that has an impact on children?
  • An event you are organizing related to children?

Please send your information to Charmaine.Wong@isobar.com and Bryan.Hoo@isobar.com
Please copy: inadchatram@unicef.org