Vaccination is the most effective way to protect your child from fatal infections and diseases.
– Prof Dr Zulkifli Ismail, Consultant Paediatrician

Before the age of modern medicine, infectious outbreaks were common and often resulted in death. People lived in dirty conditions, where germs spread easily.No one knew how to prevent, much less treat these diseases.

Today, we have the advantage of vaccines, a scientific discovery that has saved millions of lives.Yet, some parents remain skeptical, leaving their children to pay the deadly price.

Defending Against Diseases

Your child’s body is designed to produce cells and antibodies that can combat viruses and bacteria. An attack by these viruses or bacteria will produce a complex immunological ‘memory’, which is what gives your child immunity against future invasions by the same germs.

However, there are certain types of germs that the body cannot protect itself against, without the help of vaccines. These germs include bacteria that cause tuberculosis (TB), diphteria, pertussis, tetanus and meningitis, as well as viruses that cause hepatitis, polio, measles, mumps, rubella and chickenpox. Without vaccination, these germs could wreak havoc on your child’s body, causing disability, even death.

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