The Smart Nutrition Advisory Panel of experts has jointly developed this ‘Breastfeeding Made Simple’ guide. As a group of experts in the fields of nutrition, dietetics, paediatrics and lactation, it is our mission to assure you that breastfeeding is easy, natural and adequately nourishes your baby.

Every bit of information contained in this guide has been geared towards
that purpose and we are confident that they will dispel any concerns you might have.
Produced with the collaboration of the Malaysian Paediatric Association (MPA), this guide is a useful read for first-time mothers and a handy reference for mothers who are already breastfeeding.

Upbeat, contemporary and packed with breastfeeding tips, this guide also
presents a medical perspective many of you will find eye-opening and extremely helpful. We would like to thank Abbott Share and Care World for supporting the Smart Nutrition programme with an unconditional educational grant. It is our hope that through this guide, more mothers and children in Malaysia will experience the enriching benefits of breastfeeding.

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