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Stopping pneumococcus

It starts out with the fever and chills. There may be some coughing and chest pain, possibly also difficulty in breathing. As a parent, you are naturally really anxious and worried about your sick child, but you probably think it’s just the flu. More likely than not, your family doctor will come to a similar…

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MPA’s Childhood Growth Promotion Campaign

  MPA’s Nationwide Childhood Growth Screening & Counselling Campaign Our National Health & Morbidity Surveys 2006 and 2016 present some sobering insights on the growth of under 5-year-olds: The prevalence of stunting increased from 17.0% to 20.7% (2 in 10 children) Underweight rose from 12.9% in 2006 to 13.7% in 2016 (over 1 in 10…

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