MPF Mohd Sham Kasim Research Award


Terms and Conditions of MPF Mohd Sham Kasim Research Awards


1. Background

The Malaysian Paediatric Association (MPA) firmly supports research among its members and has established the Dr. Siti Hasmah Mohd Ali Research Award since 1998 to encourage research among paediatric medical officers and trainees in various paediatric subspecialties.

As the paediatric fraternity and researcher’s pool is getting larger with time, the MPA Executive Committee 2017/2019, together with the trustees of Malaysian Paediatric Foundation(MPF) have agreed to establish from 2018 more research awards with the aim to provide seed money to encourage and develop research in the field of Paediatrics and Child health in Malaysia. This is in line with the third aim and objective of Malaysian Paediatric Association to encourage research among its members.

Professor Datuk Dr. Mohd Sham Kasim, a senior consultant paediatrician, is the past MPA president and previous Chairman of MPF trustee. He not only had done and published many original research in childhood injuries and accidents, infectious diseases, child abuse and state of child health in Malaysia, he is also a great teacher and mentor to many paediatricians in Malaysia. Hence, in honoring his contribution, these new research awards will be named after him as MPF Mohd Sham Kasim Research Award.

The MPA executive committee recognises that there must be accountability and transparency when providing these research awards and hence, outlined below are the terms and conditions for the applicants when applying for the above awards.


2. Eligibility

2.1. The applicant needs to be working or researching in the field of Paediatrics and Child Health.
Priority will be given to those research in social paediatrics. However, other areas of
research could also be considered.

2.2. The applicant should be the principal/primary investigator of the research project and should be a current member of MPA for at least one year. If the project is a postgraduate project, the principal investigator will be the postgraduate trainee and not the supervisor.

2.3. All research award applications need to have ethical approval by the relevant ethics

2.4. Applicants with other pre-existing research grants will still be considered (but preference will be given to those who have no pre-existing grants).

2.5 Applicants should be less than 40 years of age at the time of application

2.6 All applications should be received by the 30th of June of each year.


3. Amount and Disbursement

3.1. The maximum number of research awards is five (5) for each calendar year between the
MPA Annual Scientific Congresses.
3.2. The maximum amount for each research award is RM 10,000
3.3. Upon successful application of the award, 50% of the total research award will be disbursed to the applicants. The remainder 50% of the total research award will be disbursed after the MPA Exco has reviewed the mid-term research progress report.


4. Research Output

4.1. A report needs to be provided to MPA Exco at mid-way and at completion of the research.
4.2. The research award recipients are required to provide an oral or poster presentation of the research findings in the MPA Annual Scientific Congress. The award recipients are also encouraged to publish their research findings in peer-reviewed journals.


5. Application

5.1. All applications must submit the following documents via email to MPA Secretariat (incomplete submissions will not be considered):
– Completed application form
– Updated curriculum vitae
– Project proposal including a detailed budget and information of other sources of funding
– Ethics approval or institutional agreement documents

5.2. All applications will be evaluated by the MPA executive committee and successful applicants will be informed via email as soon as a decision has been made.

5.3. All decisions made by the executive committee are final and no appeals will be entertained.


6. Acknowledgement

6.1. Recipients of the research award must acknowledge the MPA as a funding source at the end of their oral or poster presentations, abstracts or journal publications.


7. Further information

7.1. Any additional information regarding the MPF Mohd Sham Kasim Research Award can be directed to:-

The Malaysian Paediatric Association secretariat
Unit 16-07, Menara Arina Uniti
97, Jalan Raja Muda Abdul Aziz
50300 Kuala Lumpur

Tel: 603-2202 9007
Fax: 603-2602 0997
Executive Secretary: Datin Saadiah Ahmad