Message from MISK Chairman

Under the best circumstances, bringing up a child is not an easy task. As your child begins to crawl and explore, the home surrounding can be truly dangerous as they are not aware of the danger the home surrounding can pose to them. As a result, children below the age of 4 are at a higher risk of injuries at home compared to motor vehicle injuries. It is a sad fact that some home injuries can cause children to be badly injured or may even be fatal.

But with careful planning and adjustments, you can make your home a safe home for children to live in. As parents, you can avoid some of the worst injuries at home through some simple preventive measures. Realising the need for child injury prevention knowledge and exposure, Malaysian Paediatric Association (MPA) initiated a public education campaign on child injury prevention known as Make It Safe for Kids (MISK), a campaign made possible with a philantropic grant from Johnson & Johnson.

This manual has been planned and written to bring forth the objective of providing parents with the appropriate knowledge on safety measures and precautionary techniques to avoid injuries from happening to their children at home. Throughout this book, the word ‘accident’ is substituted with ‘injury’ because the former has a ring of inevitability and inability to prevent.

On the other hand, injury denotes a disease entity that can be prevented. And, prevention is the ultimate aim of this manual. So, with careful planning and adjustments, you can child-proof your home making it safe for children to live in. Learn how to protect your children from home injuries with simple tips in this manual.

Children’s safety, Parents priority!
Professor Dr Zulkifli Ismail

Please download the full booklets in English, Malay or Chinese Language at below…

MISK Booklet 2005_English

MISK Booklet 2005_Malay

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