Dear colleagues,

The late Dato’ Dr Sam Abraham & Datuk Dr Paramesvaran were two very senior colleagues who kept in close touch with me and I trust with some of you at a very personal level.

Sam phoned me virtually every week whilst Param regularly e-mailed me. In the last few e-mail exchanges, we co-authored an article on “Dengue – Then and Now” which we shared on our MPA Alerts.

His last message to me was to follow up on another of his  article which I was in the midst of editing. I owe it to him to make sure it sees the light of the day. Param is truly one in a million who has endeavored to pen the history of Malaysian paediatrics in his many writings to either me or Zul.

Both Sam & Param treated me, relatively a novice (young chiku), as colleagues rather than juniors. They are truly awesome icons of Malaysian paediatrics. Their legacy will simply be too difficult to rival.


Musa Mohd Nordin