26 January 2018

The MMC-CPD Technical Committee for Specialists presented the following proposals on 20th January 2018 at the Academy of Medicine Malaysia (AMM) – Malaysian Medical Council (MMC) Networking Event :

  • Administration of CPD activities of ALL specialists to be delegated to AMM.
  • AMM Council shall establish an AMM-CPD committee to administer the CPD activities.
  • Composition of committee to be determined by AMM Council.

AMM-CPD Committee terms of reference :

  • establish a CPD Secretariat to monitor and maintain an online system to administer CPD activities of specialists.
  • ensure proper monitoring and tracking of specialists’ CPD points.
  • ensure online CPD system of specialists is aligned to the renewal of APCs and NSR status.
  • establish review committees to ensure educational activities for specialists are aligned to the standards of the MMC-CPD Technical Committee.

AMM-CPD Review Committees

  • review educational activities conducted by specialty organisations.
  • formal recognition intended to ensure activities are of quality and free from bias.
  • it is specialty-specific with members experienced in the subject area.

AMM-CPD Review Committees Terms of Reference :

  • Determine the ‘core’ educational activities of specialties with guidance from AMM Colleges/Chapters and specialty organisations.
  • Evaluate educational activities of providers using standards defined by the AMM CPD Committee with regards to its suitability.
  • Determine CPD points allocation.
  • Provide a list of reviewed CPD activities of all specialties.
  • Aspects considered in the award of points : content & relevance of CPD activity, expertise & experience of faculty, compliance of the provider, fair & transparent review system.

Quality Standards of Educational activities :

  • At least 50% of content shall be relevant to specialty.
  • At least 50% of the faculty shall have 3-5 years experience in the specialty.
  • Appropriate method of delivery and venue.

MMC-CPD Grading System to be reviewed

(Tentative version available online here)

CPD Points for Renewal of NSR Registration

  • 5 year cycle (the date for the start of the cycle has yet to be finalized).
  • Each calendar year is from 1st July to 30th June.
  • At least 100 points obtained over 5 years.
  • At least 50 points obtained from specific field of specialty.
  • Points in the 1st cycle may be calculated on a pro rata basis.
  • Collection system shall be based on an ‘honour system’.
  • Specialists shall keep a full record of their CPD activities.
  • Annual random verification of CPD activities.

(NB  there is no legal requirement to have CPD points for NSR renewal unlike Annual Practising Certificate (APC) renewal.)

CPD Points for Renewal of APCs of Specialists :

  • Submitted directly online to MMC by 30th November of the material year for the APC renewal of the ensuing year.
  • At least 20 points obtained annually from 1st July to 30th June.
  • To be decided whether required specialty specific CPD points to be collected flexibly over 5 years; or at least 10 points must be obtained from specialty specific field during each year.

Exemption from Mandatory CPD

  • Specialists may appeal for exemption e.g. due to illness.
  • Appeal must be submitted with supporting evidence.
  • MMC-CPD Technical Committee for Specialists shall review on a case-by-case basis and make appropriate recommendations to MMC.

Collectors of CPD points can be done by any body for any doctor eg MMA, AMM, MIMS.

Co-ordinators for ALL specialists is AMM and for non-specialists is MMA +/- MyCPD.

To assist the MMC-CPD Technical Committee for Specialists to finalize its report to be tabled at the next MMC meeting, please give any new proposals or feedback on the above proposals to Dr Milton Lum by 4th February 2018 via email : mlswmmc@gmail.com.

Thereafter, please be on the lookout for the official announcement by MMC on the definitive decisions regarding specialist CPD after the MMC meeting in the next month or so.

NB :

1) Some of the implications of the Medical (Amendment) Act 2012 to doctors working in Malaysia is that :

a) Professional Indemnity Cover is needed for the application of the year 2019 APC. Application for the year 2019 APC should be submitted by 30th November 2018 to avoid delays in obtaining the APC.

b) Professional Indemnity Cover & CPD points will be needed for the application of the year 2020 APC onwards. CPD points needed for year 2020 APC is 20 which is to be collected from tentatively from 1st July 2018 to 30th June 2019. MMC has decided that any CPD points collection system can be used (eg MMA-CPD , MMC-CPD, MyCPD). Application for the year 2020 APC should be submitted by 30th November 2019 to avoid delays in obtaining the APC.

c) Specialist doctors official stamps to include MMC and NSR numbers effective 1st January 2018

Notes prepared by Dr Ong Eng-Joe, MPA Committee Member 2017-

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